Writing Trump’s Epitaph

Memento Trumpi: Trump will go, in order to stay.

Not in the White House but in the twisted paranoia of millions of so-called disaffected voters. Why write his epitaph? His ghost remains to haunt what’s left of civility and aspiration for a not so young Republic.

In a way America grew up Wednesday, January 6. We know a little bit more of who we are. We learned that divisiveness is an epitaph for democracy, if we choose to act divisively, if we self-soothe in a sea of cynicism and self-pity. We never “knew better,” because vigilance and accountability precede wisdom and we failed at both. As a country we left the barn door open, the chicken coop exposed.

Of course the four years in preparation for Wednesday’s armed assault on the Capitol and state houses around the country needed enablers, needed sycophants, needed loyalists of a bungling dictator. An unregulated social media infrastructure and cable propaganda organization provided assistance.

Of course the problem was NEVER Trump. How could it stop WITH Trump? Certainly not when he departs the White House, January 19. White supremacy remains a choice; racism remains America’s legacy. The man who glided down the escalator in 2015 and smeared immigrants as rapists, who stroked bigotry with “good people on both sides,” who invited dictators to the table, never failed to deliver the nation’s underbelly.

We are not stronger; we are weaker.

The election victory in Georgia, it has been proposed, was sealed by a sea of “newly registered voters”: immigrant and minority communities, young voters, black and brown voters, relative new seekers of the “American experience.” That Georgia firmly held to their revised electoral process speaks well for its election officials and for the voters who trusted the process. That cohabiting the space and day were elected officials in Washington attempting to delegitimize the national plebiscite speaks poorly for our prospects as a nation.

How quickly we forget.

January 10


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