Woulda’ Coulda’ Shoulda’

If incrementalism doesn’t work KTCDTR

KTCDTR: ‘Kick the Can Down the Road’

Above: Rep. Rosa DeLauro, March, 2021, photo courtesy NYTimes.

January 13: Sen. Sinema’s eloquence demonstrates for Senate Democrats exactly where they stand.

Or consider…

The two singular achievements of the. Democratic Congress this session were delivered in March 2021. For Democrats, it’s been downhill ever since. That’s almost a year ago and a lot of ‘downhill’ has been covered.

Today, January 13, 2022 was the bottom of the slope. Today, Democrat leadership was schooled in ‘false realpolitik’ by the ‘Junior Senior’ Senator from Arizona. In earnest tones Sen. Sinema contradicted herself at least three times in the Senate well. That’s a life sentence in political nonsense jail. Too bad Republicans we’re not attending her speech. She provided several new ‘Republican’ talking points.

February, 2021: Democrat Sen. Patty Murray and Democrat Rep. Rosa DeLauro, successfully attached the Child Tax Credit Extension to the America Cares Act and successfully included Family Sick Leave in the Stimulus Bill subsidies. For both Congresswomen — DeLauro has tried to introduce Child Tax Credit Extension legislation since 2003 — this was personal vindication and a victory for America’s marginalized.

July, 2021: Voting Rights gets shunted to pave way for the Senate Infrastructure Bill. The BBB gets shunted to pave way for the Voting Rights Act. Now, a ‘miracle moment’ — ‘calling John McCain, calling John McCain’ — is required to pass the Voting Rights Act.

Where are Congressional Democrats on Voting Rights restoration?


Look, I don’t know if it (Voting Rights Act) will pass… it’s like (the) civil rights act which didn’t pass the first time… We will fight to get it passed…

-President Joe Biden, answering a reporter’s question, Capitol visit, January 13

Sinema’s ‘hitch a star’ strategy, built on effect rather than substance, will fail and risk bringing down a Democratic majority in the House and in the Senate as well.

It took 30 years of teamwork by Congresswomen Murray and DeLauro to get the Child Tax Credit Extension passed in both houses as part of the America Cares Act ($1.9T Stimulus), paving the way for bringing 40 million families into solvency.

It took Sinema her allotted 20 minutes to remove Voting Rights protections from millions of voters.

She must have had help.

January 14

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