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What part of ‘welfare mothers’ does Manchin not get?

The Senator’s objections to the trimmed down BBB do not make sense.

(Above: Marley’s Ghost, courtesy of Pinterest)

December 16

Sen. Joe Manchin, rather than do the hard work of lawmaker accountability, prefers the ‘Scrooge path ’ of reckoning family care — denial and prejudice. So when the Senator and the Senator-acting-as-President meet to negotiate the future of incremental social legislation, Manchin raises ‘process.’ (1)

If Manchin were behaving with any scruples, he would repeat the ‘guns and butter’ fiscal trope: at least he would be invoking the historical roots of social policy negligence and cynicism.

What part of ‘welfare mothers’ does Manchin not get?

This is not a rhetorical question.

Well, some Senators think they are the President.

-President Joe Biden, Anderson Cooper CNN Town Hall, October 21

Observation: some Presidents think they are (still) Senators.

As a nation America is experiencing another ‘Big Lie’: lifting up the economically challenged, protecting the marginalized, restoring the stricken, means ‘individual sacrifice.’

How ‘to apportion’ is the real question, the task(s) at hand. And one is exasperated by a “President” who campaigns on redistributing wealth and once in office calculates success with ‘incrementalism.’

Little wonder Manchin is playing Scrooge to Biden’s Marley.

Incrementalism’ is a political strategy put forth and fostered by and for elites.

Consider the Clinton-Obama nexus of the Democratic Party. Consider that a society whose institutions flirt with breaking the social contract of caring for its citizens flirts with chaos. Consider restoring Voting Rights, the non-partisan ‘bad boy.’

We’ve seen enough chaos for a generation.

Make that two generations.

December 17

1- “Democrats Appear Resigned to Shelve Social Spending Bill Until 2022,” NYTimes, December 16



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