Transition 2020: Disclosure Time

Pre-trial time in America. Parties to a fight we are removed from, but function as unwitting victims to, are circling the halls of democracy.

Welcome to disclosure time in America where the outcomes of a Presidential election are in dispute. The “parties” are state election canvassers on the one side and a disenfranchised public on the other.

The acting “lame duck” President is busily shredding vestiges of a free election while the to-be-certified President elect is patiently waiting for “better angels” to appear. ‘What if’s’ take the form of a pre-trial disclosure. “Probable cause” is anxiously debated in real time before an audience loosely defined as the “court of public opinion.”

What is at stake is certain but not verified, so we occupy a space without closure. Hence what IS “at stake” is rendered elusive — a conspiracy here, a conspiracy there, tempting the dis-informed.

We have seen the roaming fly during the Vice-Presidential debate, the drips of hair dye during the counselor’s “press briefing”: albatross-like omens of 4 years of pending litigation and news leaks designed to disrupt and subvert.

Democracy some say has no closure. Really? Sooner we delegate to lawyers our futures, sooner we are bullied by ignorance, sooner we succumb to victimhood.

What IS on the table is agency, the sustenance of destiny. Like Diogenes we are holding the lantern seeking honest souls.

November 20



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Rodney Clough

Rodney Clough

Refuses to nap. Septuagenarian. Cliche’ raker. Writes weekly.