A Quieter Coup

Rodney Clough
1 min readMay 4, 2022
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Leaking the Alito memo amounts to a coup.

In effect the release of the memo does several things:

1- Signals state legislatures can legislate anti-abortion measures and strip women’s health clinics of legitimacy;

2- Shifts power and influence away from Roberts; the rookies are running the court;

3- Cements the five votes needed to overturn Roe v. Wade;

4- Further politicizes the court(s);

5- Strips away deliberation based on stare decisis;

6- Marginalizes KBJ’s appointment and confirmation: nothing will change the imbalance of experience;

7- It suppresses Congressional and Executive protection of Roe v Wade recently translated as the Women’s Health Protection Act.

8- Opens the door to more state-initiated tests and interventions into the rights of privacy.

Now ask yourself, if the public release of a “memo” can set in motion all these things, are we not witnessing a coup attempt?

You know the rest about the duck.

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