The next few days are crucial for protecting the Constitution.

Let “removal from office” clause in the Constitution play out. The alternative is unthinkable.

The ‘hell with democracy,’ Winston Churchill once pointed to emphatically, ‘it’s the best we’ve got.’ Churchill didn’t consign democracy to the fiery places, he cried that democracy IS HELL. He’s right. And ‘better’ is conceivable. But only collectively.

Yet, racist and overbearing, Churchill tapped into a nation’s resolve. And sense of personal sacrifice.

Which leaves our elected officials with a hellish question: defend the Constitution or not. Punish those for crimes committed against the Constitution or appease their criminality and violation of civil rights.

Put the country’s oath-designated protectors of liberty on administrative leave?

Postpone healing 11 days?

Ironically, we are assured, “we are better than this.”

January 9




Refuses to nap. Septuagenarian. Cliche’ raker. Writes weekly.

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Rodney Clough

Rodney Clough

Refuses to nap. Septuagenarian. Cliche’ raker. Writes weekly.

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