Katie Hobbes’ victory cleanses Arizona of election deniers.

Once again mainstream media misses the point, ruining a moment of ‘schadenfreude.’

That’s politic-speak for “I knew it…” or “I told you so…” or “Duh dum dum…”

It’s not that Katie Hobbes took down, as one snarky reporter described Lake, “Donald Trump in high heels;” it’s that Governor-elect Hobbes cleansed Arizona of election deniers, and their Queen Kari. Cleansing, not purging — this is Arizona — is the proper qualifier for Hobbes’ victory — a squeaker, yes, but — a repudiation six years in the making of Republican agendas: cut taxes, keep out immigrants, despoil elections.

Arizona, where favorite son and former Presidential Candidate John McCain chastened a Republican voter on her Muslim smear of former President Barack Obama. That was 2008.

Tonight, November 14, 2022, Arizona is 100% purple, and with Governor Katie Hobbes, bluesy purple.

Kari Lake’s fairy dust couldn’t save Trump and the “Lost Boys.”

November 15



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