Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach Florida. Courtesy Time.

He who manipulates lawyers and the public alike has created a shadow legal team.

Had enough of the siege at Mar-a-Lago?

Yet another outrage for a Republican Party held hostage by Trump’s criminal excesses. This time America is witnessing a former President messing with sensitive information, declassifying and re-classifying documents he removed illegally and transported to his Florida residence for all to pay to see. Even Mike Cohen, former defrocked Trump personal lawyer, says Trump has copies, hidden ‘somewhere else.’ (1)


And Republican sycophants are caught up again in defending Trump’s calumny. His popularity with them is ‘soaring’ — at least for now — as a result.

Double duh.

But pay no heed to these Netflix-inspired shenanigans. The man is a crook, a thief, and a perpetrator of violence. No, he is not a ‘private citizen,’ any more than his legal “team” can be taken seriously. They falsely sign affidavits upon instruction. They show up in court, their cell phones on auto dial to another legal team, script in hand, “off set,” and more malevolent.

Behind the teased hair and false eyelashes are a crew of legal kooks, wallowing in the latest conspiracy distraction and pity potions. Now it’s the “FBI gone rogue.” (2)

It’s a shadowland of lawyers shielding a shadow 2024 Presidential candidate.

And we are all part of the show, following shadows.

August 21, updated August 22


1- Michael Cohen, interview by Michael Steele, MSNBC, “Sunday with Jonathan Capehart,” Sunday, August 21





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