Remember this Picture

It’s an image of one voting strategy for reinstalling Roe and women’s rights. Suitable for tee shirt screening. No caption necessary.

A few years back when my family and I had just moved to Michigan, I consulted a friend about a voting dilemma.

“What’s with all the judgeship elections?” I asked. “I mean I looked at a sample ballot and there are all these judges up for election in our county and state. Most of them list their party affiliation as Republican. I don’t know what their politics are. Whom do I vote for?”

“It's simple. The women candidates. And if there is a black woman running for judge, better yet,” she said.

“I don’t get it.”

“Look, this is Michigan. We are predominantly a red state. So, if you want to get elected, you list your party affiliation as Republican.”

“Vote for the women candidates.”

Today she is helping get Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, re-elected. She considers herself a feminist, a libertarian, and a small ‘g” Republican.

Her voting advice: “we are a ‘Vote for Whitmer Away’ from preventing an abortion ban in Michigan.”

June 27

1–17 Black Women Sweep to Judgeships in Texas County



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