Outward rage, inner peace

“ No Justice, No Peace,” Image courtesy Urban Milwaukee

Our political culture dialectic explained

What motivates citizens?

What is learned from previous elections and our current self-governance and handle on freedom(s)?

Through the filter of a two party polis:

“We are not a party (marching) in ‘lock-step.’”

‘We welcome diverse positions.’

-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, News Briefing on the Democrats’ negotiation toward passage of the $3.5T Reconciliation Bill, October 14


Republicans don’t understand oppression.

Democrats don’t understand struggle.

Both don’t understand respect.


Where or what the ‘other’ side posits their position by observation: the nerve that ticks up. ‘experience.’

“Republicans succumb to being corralled by authoritarianism. ‘Every time they cave to Trump.’”

“Democrats are not ‘up for a fight’ and the risk of hurt. ‘Every time they back down.’”

Each position seeks validation by ‘outing the other.’

One side is locked in negotiation. The other side is locked in obstruction. Both, to paraphrase the Speaker are ‘locked.:’

Sound familiar?

Let’s go on a traveling adventure. We are abroad. We hear chatter in the background, different tongues speaking. We close our eyes and try to envision the subject.

We are a violent society.

We love our props.

We condone disrespect.

Who are ‘we’ talking about?

Hard to see?

Who, exactly are ‘we’ protecting?

In the same week, a white couple shown displaying assault weapons at a non-violent protest in Pittsburgh, Ivanka packing the Bible in her purse for a walk with 45 to St. John’s Episcopal Church.

Guns and Bible held aloft.

Who are we talking about?

Not to over-simplify: Humans fight one another over symbols. Religion, nation-states, political party affections provide the field(s) of battle.

And a “choice ahead” is to transform symbols…or not.

An autocrat like 45 seeks the opportunity to mine the political culture divide of symbols. Hence autocrats present the “ultimate solution.”

October 15

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