Got division?

The current Republican trope on the anniversary of January 6

‘Democrats want to stoke division by recalling the insurrection of January 6.’

This is the response coming from Republican leadership. In a perverse and treacherous way the Republican leadership has a point.

Ok. Consider ‘Message delivered.’

Now what?

No answer. None needed. (1)

Consider the sub-text of this latest Republican tweet op: you Dems never wanted unity… it’s all a ‘false flag’ for trying to get what you — not America — wants. Except you’re not forthright and willing to accept defeat. So you blame others — we, Republicans, mostly — for not going along with your deception.

See how this works? ‘Guilty of dividing until proven otherwise.’

This is the height of solipsism. (2)

But wait — it gets better.

Consider the ‘trying to get your agenda passed — not ‘America’s.’ “Party over country” is a ruse, a ploy designed to disguise what ‘you’ are doing: robbing ‘us’ of our country.

‘Stealing elections,’ for example.

Dems have ceded that role to a shadowy “Anti-Fa.”

A pizza parlor cabal.


January 7

1-Republican leadership proposes a ‘national voting card’ and a electoral college recount procedure giving the Vice President the right to decertify state elector tallies (1.6 Schumer address): two flimsy palliatives designed to kill any voting rights legislation coming before Congress this term.





Refuses to nap. Septuagenarian. Cliche’ raker. Writes weekly.

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Rodney Clough

Rodney Clough

Refuses to nap. Septuagenarian. Cliche’ raker. Writes weekly.

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