Election Deniers and Other Fabulists

Rodney Clough
2 min readNov 17, 2022
Joseph Kennedy (left). Photo courtesy history.com

Apocryphally speaking, one recent notorious election denier was Joseph Kennedy, father of JFK and friend of Chicago — mobs, booze and all. (1) Another was Jimmy Hoffa and the Charleston, WVA boys.

The rest of the apocryphal Presidential Election of 1960, a squeaker, was, as they say, ‘history.’ Illinois and West Virginia were the election tipping points for JFK’s victory over Richard Nixon.

Lover of apocrypha, the brooding falsehood, the gotcha’-con and victim-denizen of America’s political dark side, Donald Trump, announced on Tuesday, November 15, 2022, that he is a candidate for President.

Almost two years of election denial and other voter repressions!

Let the cons begin!

In Joseph Kennedy’s time election process tampering was called election ‘fixing.’ So confident is Mr. Trump methodically corrupting the political imagination of his followers, he blatantly takes responsibility for fixing the election before it has even taken hold in the collective mind of his followers.

Borrowing Joseph Kennedy’s passion for Chicago and connections, Trump avers he knows which elections are ‘fixed’ — the ones he can’t conceivably win. The ones he detests, in urban areas such as Boston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Detroit.

It’s noteworthy that the one city which should be Trump’s inspiration for election fixing — Chicago — Trump rarely mentions.

Perhaps it is because his first Chicago MAGA rally of the 2016 Presidential campaign was canceled due to the number of protestors blocking the path of his black SUVs.

Trump didn’t return to campaign in Chicago.

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