Election 2020 Redux: Trump may “deliver Georgia”

It doesn’t get better than this: the only person standing in Trump’s way to reclaiming the Republican Party is Mitch McConnell.

So what does Trump do? Join with Democrats to challenge McConnell to “do the right thing.” This is realpolitik at its finest. And Georgia Republicans are watching.

By reigniting the national debate on COVID-19 stimulus spending — at the same time denying the intractability of the surge — Trump has gifted Republican voters with a position on their relief. The ONLY Republican voters voting this month reside in Georgia.

I gotta’ say, Trump had a great week: he got a relative to launder money for him, he “entertained” America with another autocratic fist-pump — without a Bible, this time, but with Flynn’s military uniform — and now this lullaby to Georgia.

Oops, almost forgot: the pardons of convicted traitors and chaos mongers.

December 23



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