Election 2020: Joe Biden, “friend” of Republicans.

It seems that the DNC is picking up the “one vote, unite country” fantasy game once again.

One would think that the DNC would try harder not to embarrass the progressive-regular segment of the “party” by burying Biden’s penchant for embracing Republicans and their causes.

In 2018 I watched as Biden effectively endorsed Fred Upton’s re-election in Michigan’s 6th Congressional District, where I live. I remember the words, “He (Upton) is a great guy.” The Democratic candidate, (Dr.) Matt Longjohn wasn’t endorsed by Biden.

Apparently Biden when asked, professed not to know who the Democratic candidate was. “Who’s he (Longjohn)?” Another gaffe? Hardly. This was a calculated move to curry favor with the Republican middle-brow “suburban” vote. Another political “chit” had fallen.

The DNC has begun to let down its “post Trump guard”. In a slap to the Bernie wing, the DNC has invited Republican former Governor and Presidential candidate, John Kasich, to speak at the August zoom-cum-convention (1).

More to come? Probably. By seeking Republican votes and slapping the Progressive wing the DNC is employing these “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” stratagems and risking blowing up Biden’s candidacy. Watch for blame of lurches in this direction directed at Progressives.

In this cynical post-Trump world, we must keep the Democrats in power by not offending Republican voters.

Is this uniting the country, really?

July 21, 2020

(1) Laura Martinchek, Medium, July 20, “Of course John Kasich will be speaking at the Democratic Convention”


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