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Rodney Clough
1 min readApr 30, 2022


Pramila Jayapal, photo courtesy of Andrew Harnick/AP

Memo to class: US Presidency 101 is now in session

America needs to go back to school to learn how to pick a Presidential candidate. In my opinion, here’s a start.

Presidency 101

Syllabus includes the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Amendments, History of the Executive Order, Demilitarization, Climate Justice, Public Education, Public Health, Public Safety, Public Information, Public Financing

If you read into this syllabus, ‘saving democracy,’ you’re right.

Syllabus addendum:

Please stop by the School Bookstore and pick up the following learning tools/accessories needed for class:

Bromide calculator

Ad Hominem Body Protection

Congressional mouthwash

Commonly Used Smear Tactics

Commonly Used Rhetorical Traps

Profit-Wage-Price Slide Rule

Laminated card with “Quick Steps for keeping cool in the male oppressor/dictator space”

A special welcome to those who have signed up and plan to attend. All demonstrate strength, experience, compassion, grace and directness.

In alphabetical order:

Val Demings

Kamala Harris

Mazie Hirono

Letitia James

Pramila Jayapal

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez



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