California Nightmare

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Gavin Newsom and 46 play the Trump card.

By objectifying his opponent as a stand-in for Trump, Gov. Gavin Newsom with Biden by his side is invoking fear as the quick fix remedy ahead of Democrat’s turnout on Tuesday. This “zero-sum thinking” will only play into the hand of Trump “brand.” As if on cue, Republicans are already contesting the ballot when few have voted and tallying doesn’t begin for 24 hours.

Consider the following election script:

1.Problem is Gavin Newsom is on the ballot, and Donald Trump is not;

2.Recall is a vote against, not a vote for, and those who feel entitled by negativity are “energized” to vote;

3.Rather than listen to their constituents, Democrats are forcing a narrative that ‘the enemy of your enemy is your friend,’ an untenable and weak position;

4.Again, Democrats find themselves in the unenviable position of seeking moderate “swing voters,” and independents. And we do not even know if these groups will come out and vote.

Newsom may win the recall vote (remember Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker) but he has set the wheels in motion for a “populist” pushback in 2022 when he seeks a second term.

What’s particularly crushing is that whether Newsom wins or not, California will be touted as a progressive “defeat,” when in fact Newsom’s more progressive achievements in sustaining climate justice initiatives are popular and leading the nation. (Paul Krugman, NYTimes).

These “achievements” can be recalled as well.

September 14



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