Bridge of Sighs

If the elites operate above the law, what’s the use?

Monday, March 28

With tonight’s January 6 Committee’s criminal referral vote for Scavino and Navarro, preceded by Ginni Thomas email revelations, and the Manhattan DA “punting” on Trump indictments, the public is losing faith in America’s justice system.

If the elites operate above the law, what’s the use?

“It’s a bad day for Merrick Garland,” stated former Sen. Claire McCaskill. She was opining on the impact of a federal judge writing a memo to the effect of ‘ yeah, Trump — ‘more than likely, committed crimes.’ (1)

“More than likely?”

This sidebar-speak, this ‘shadow opinion,’ reverberated across Federal Square Monday, through the plaza in front of the Federal Court building where General Merrick Garland once worked.

‘Merrick Garland was a Federal Judge. He should know how serious this statement is,’ Sen. McCaskill went on.

What are he and the DOJ doing? Where is the accountability?


Our judicial system is being manipulated into a perverted, twisted shadow of itself. One needs “Critical Justice Theory.” Our Supreme Court is incapable of monitoring its trajectory, daily scrubbing a modicum of public approval.

By the way: where is that “White House Commission Report on Recommending Changes to the Supreme Court” America was promised back in December? America received what resembles a surrogate, a ‘not-yet-approved report,’ a soon-to-be-blessed-by-the-executive report. (2)

Dig deeper into the tales of justice in America and one finds gun-toting vigilantes receiving send-offs, police officers assaulting citizens, corporate profiteers shredding potential evidence. One doesn’t need an Ivy League law degree to collude in the mess we are witnessing.

Which makes Ketanji Brown Jackson’s appearance a fortnight ago, a temporary relief from our collective incredulity — how can this happen?

These are the new ‘work-arounds’ of accountability: investigate but don’t prosecute, refer but don’t enforce, testify but don’t expose. “Make public” but don’t make accountable.

We are promised by the January 6 Committee a “public hearing.” We are told that America will soon hear from those who ‘are courageous to come forward and share their knowledge’ of a coup, an insurrection-still in the making-and-enabling. In other words thanks to the January 6 Committee we can soon expect a cable-fed public tribunal, not necessarily justice, but more dissembling PR and crisis management.

We have seen this parade, witnessed this script before. Dr. Fiona Hill and Ambassador Abramovich are sporting sensible white hair these days. Time has passed since their public appearance at the House Impeachment Hearing I, and 45 and an army of miscreants are still at large. Or if you prefer: a President is serving office who doesn’t deserve to… because his election was a coup.

See how this works?

No, Sen. McCaskill, it’s not a bad day for Merrick Garland. It’s a ‘bad day’ for you and me.

It’s another bad day for America.

March 29

1-Nicole Wallace, MSNBC, March 28




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