An Open Letter to Bret Stephens (NYTimes 9/29 Op Ed)

Dear Mr. Stephens, You don’t know me which is probably a good thing.

Because, you see, I wouldn’t want your job.

Yours is not the writer’s craft. Yours is that of a handler.

Let me explain. Ever read Shakespeare’s Hamlet? Of course you have.

Well, your piece reminds me of Polonius’ speech to his son, Laertes, particularly the part about “neither a borrower nor a lender be.” Well, isn’t that what the BBB (Build Back Better) aims to do?

I get it. You dislike the Build Back Better Bill.

But I think you’ve got it wrong about the BBB.

  1. It’s an omnibus, ‘we can do this’ type bill;
  2. It’s funded by closing loopholes and barriers to breaking up trusts;
  3. It’s an integrative approach to fighting climate destruction.

This leaves a bad taste in my conservative maw. You deride things conservatives like me can wrap our heads around! Let’s translate these three bill positives into tones familiar to us conservatives. Let’s look at the BBB differently:

  1. A mandate for change, tools and all;
  2. Good for us penny savers;
  3. Promises to clean up the mess.

Mr. Stephens your piece is not public policy criticism; your op ed falls into the category of a smear attempt!

So, speaking as a conservative, your piece does not serve us.


October 1