A political party or a mindset?

Rodney Clough
2 min readJun 21, 2022


Photo courtesy of WGBH

America’s terrorist mob, January 6… more a mindset than a political party faction.

America does have a “third party.”

It's the party of the disaffected and the exhausted. At America’s imaginary voting booth, the party of ‘no shows.’ One doesn’t see them as much as feel their militancy.

It’s a party not based on an ideology nor a shared set of values nor common demographics; it’s not a faction of a political party formed by “our experience.”

It’s a mindset.

It’s a mindset that declares its position by intimidation doused with megalomania. It proclaims that we are not quiet, that our protest dominates, that we can act dangerously. In other words, you will know we exist when we are threatened.

And we are threatened, all the time.

We are an army of militants, not a military with terms of engagement and a code of loyalty to a people. We harbor a violence born of affliction, not of defending our neighbors. We travel; we don’t stick around. We are exposing; we dress up. We are marching; we are facing off. We are armed; our show of force presents itself in multiple ways.

“Don’t tread on us” is our flag…

We have no history; we stand outside history. We claim the moment. And we can because we won’t let nobody else. We don’t wait. We shoot and don’t ask questions. We incite. We talk to ourselves; we challenge lack of interest in our progress. We threaten those who question, who pause; we disarm those who get in the way. We convince ourselves that what we see, threats and all, are outside the doors of our self-preservation. They are caused by outside forces, not by inside desires.

The future may not be ours to hold onto, but that doesn’t matter: our future is just getting back what we’ve lost. It’s obvious when we say we are not losing. “We get it:” we don’t have ‘it;’ it’s been taken away.

‘If… then…’ is a hustle, a steal, a cave.

It’s who’s calling the shots that matters, who’s giving the orders, running the show, planning the next move.

Peace is forbidden. Not here, not now. It’s the ones against us, it’s them. It’s always them. It’s the politicians, it’s the rinos, it's the wokies, it's the anti-fa. It’s the…

We know who they are.

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