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Prince Harry not only married US-hatched Meghan, he tied the knot with dissent laced with repression and a dollop of victimhood.

So un-British.

If anyone could evoke Princess Di, it would be heretofore ‘Prince’ Harry. As Princess Di was “the third,” the stand-in Queen-to-be, so Harry, “the Spare,” is the stand-in Royal.

‘Prince Harry’ simply doesn’t convince.

There is no room in England for Prince Harry. No succession. No ‘here-here.’ And what’s confusing with this PR saga is the apprehension that if there is no room in England for Harry, how can there be any room for the Royals in the British collective imagination, distracted by the Royals’ exploits in the public realm?

British repression meets California ‘good vibes.’

And a brand-clutching Internet empire.

Off with their reputations!

January 10