Just Kidding

Democracy has become impolite.

Above: ‘Tourists, upset at the outcome of an American election, arrive at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. Photo: Roberto Schmidt AFP via Getty Images

One of the signs of a repressive society is the constant threat of violence. …

The Rittenhouse amendment

The Press presumes a recent gun violence acquittal is about gun rights.

Above: Kyle Rittenhouse, August 25, 2021. Photo courtesy of NY Daily News

November 16

The recent acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse demands clarification, not explanation. The jury decisions of ‘not guilty’ have little to do with…

A Letter to the Outreach Committee

A parishioner contemplates ‘home-sharing.’

November 2021: Refugees arrive at the Poland-Belarus Border (Photo image courtesy of Daily Sabah)

According to a 2018 World Bank Study, 143 million inhabitants will be displaced — forced to flee their homes, villages and cities— in the next 20…

Rittenhouse, Bannon et al.

Prosecutors show assault-style gun used by Kyle Rittenhouse in August 2020 shooting, during the Kenosha, Wisconsin trial, November 15. Photo image by Sean Krajacic, courtesy NYTimes

Trolling the first amendment.

Kyle Rittenhouse is the Emmett Till of the right wing, white, self-armed mob. The difference is that Rittenhouse is alive, so he doesn’t qualify as a martyr. Nonetheless, Rittenhouse, who killed and maimed street protestors, performed “heroic acts,” according to some.


Defunding Schools

Democrats put futures ‘on the cheap’

(Image above: Benton Harbor High School student responds to Gov. Whitmer’s proposal, “closing our high school will destroy our community” June 5, 2019. Photo courtesy Detroit News)

Why, if the nascent and “critical” Build Back Better (BBB) plan is being touted as…

“Nothin from nothin leaves nothin”

November 5: Did Progressives self-destruct?

-Billy Preston (on keyboards), performing “My Sweet Lord,” at the Concert for Bangladesh, August 1, 1971, Madison Square Garden, New York City. Preston would record “Nothin from Nothin Leaves Nothin’ as a single in 1974. Photo image courtesy Wikipedia. (1)

Catherine speaks

Wrong color.

Photo by Milan Popovic. Courtesy Unsplash.

I didn’t know this part of Catherine and Catherine didn’t share this part of Catherine. Well, that was what she said to me: “I don’t think I have ever told this to anybody before.”

What Catherine was admitting to was…

The Unpopular Mr. Biden

Whoever said a President who tries to redistribute wealth wins friends?

Above: President Biden at UN Conference on Climate Change, Nov. 1. Photo courtesy NY Times

It’s not going out on a limb to propose that a poll reflects equally on the group being polled as…

A matter of trust, a matter of delay

Democrats ‘feel the heat’

Above: Rep. Pramila Jayapal talks to the Press, Oct. 30. Photo courtesy Reuters

Does anyone seriously think the Senate “bi-partisan” infrastructure bill if passed before the Reconciliation Package (BBB), would herald in more aggressive social legislation?

“That’s a…

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Writer, essayist, dreamer.

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