Outward rage, inner peace

“ No Justice, No Peace,” Image courtesy Urban Milwaukee

Our political culture dialectic explained

What motivates citizens?

What is learned from previous elections and our current self-governance and handle on freedom(s)?

Through the filter of a two party polis:

“We are not a party (marching) in ‘lock-step.’”

‘We welcome diverse positions.’

-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi…

Strangulation Politics

Democrats face an existential moment.

(Image courtesy of the NYTimes)

Imagine that you are a political strategist tasked with developing positions for. Democratic Party candidates. And imagine that you are facing an historically challenging mid-term election (2022) when 500+ seats are in play. …

10 Reasons Why I Stopped Using “President Trump”

I’ve been using “45”: here’s why

(Image courtesy of Amazon.com)

1 I have impeached him…in my mind;

2 He stole our government;

3 His name should not be in the same breath with the title;

4 Using ‘45’ signals the debacle of his tenure;

5 He’s history;

6 His ‘brand’ is on too many surfaces of America’s landscape already;

7 His name is linked to bankruptcy, for starters;

8 He doesn’t deserve the dignity of presence;

9 Not to confuse him with a family who do not belong near the Oval Office;

10 Lest we forget 4 infamous years, a number is easier to recall;

11 (bonus) May find it on a prison jump suit.

October 13

The Veil of Scarcity

Looking at social legislation through the eyes of Republicans.

(Photo courtesy of The Christian Science Monitor)

Looking for bipartisan agreement? Look no further. It’s right in front of us.

The American voter:



Standing in line.

Without a plastic water bottle.

Is this any way…

Go Little, Go Low

Democrats negotiate futures. Ours.

(Above: Photo by Parsoa Khorsand, Unsplash)

The ‘missing the forest for the trees’ metaphor is often used in negotiation to shift the platform or dialogue. One criticizes the opposing position as ‘myopic,’ not seeing the ‘big picture.’

But there is another level…

Brian’s Hawks

A subculture of militancy is emerging in cable news punditry.

Above: “Wham!,” by the American Artist Roy Lichtenstein, image courtesy of Sotheby’s

Check out this month’s episodes of Brian Williams’ MSNBC “Eleventh Hour with Brian Williams.” …

King of Salt

Leader of mob rule.

Senate Minority Chair McConnell once again has violated his oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

McConnell has achieved a rare feat second only to 45’s surviving two impeachment attempts: twice has McConnell violated his oath in the Senate Chamber.


Banking on banking

“Follow the money.”

(above: video clip from All the President’s Men, courtesy Orlando Sentinel)

‘Moderate’ Democrats are fretting (“Hitting Blockade Over His Agenda, Biden Tacks Left,”October 3, NYTimes). Not about votes exactly. They are fretting about money presumably needed to win an election. Sharing their collective fear…

The Number Dumber Game

Flanked by press ‘reporters’ Manchin questions $3.5 T infrastructure bill. Courtesy msn.com

Lawmakers, media in tow, seeking video bites.

One of the most common ways to claim “victory,” particularly when you are suspect of losing, which you risk, is to predict the outcome of a negotiation or conflict. Some call this “bait and switch.” The shorthand-for-the-media version of…

An Open Letter to Bret Stephens (NYTimes 9/29 Op Ed)

Dear Mr. Stephens, You don’t know me which is probably a good thing.

Because, you see, I wouldn’t want your job.

Yours is not the writer’s craft. Yours is that of a handler.

Let me explain. Ever read Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Rodney Clough

Writer, essayist, dreamer.

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