While the nation is obsessed with deliberating whether January 6 was an insurrection…

the ‘right wing’ of the Republican Party is creating one in slo-mo.

Above photo: Recall this picture as ‘a noose intended for Mike Pence.’ Now — one year later — look at this picture as a…

Back to Work

Former VP Mike Pence threads a legal needle.

When you are participating in an “open discussion” about a conspiracy to overthrow the results of a Presidential election and the certification of a transfer of power, are you excused from “cooperating?”

Such is the legal needle former VP…

Chicago Lite Observed

The anti-labor media highjacks the story about the CTU and Mayor Lightfoot

Photo courtesy of Reuters

Not that I distrust Fox News and the New York Post but when was the last time one heard a thoughtful nuanced analysis about a labor struggle coming from America’s fifth…


The parody that attempts to end all parodies

“Could you aim that comet at my ex-wife’s house?”

‘Spoilsports’ Leonard DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence meet ‘reality purveyors’ Tyler Perry and Cate Blanchett, in Don’t Look Up, now streaming; video still courtesy of Netflix. (1)

Viewing Don’t Look Up, recently, two…

The General Explains

Merrick Garland responds to critics

Photo courtesy The Guardian

January 5

Previously, Attorney General Merrick Garland delineated that the Department of Justice (DOJ) would not wade into ‘political partisanship’ in the DOJ’s prosecution of criminal acts committed during ‘the assault on the Capitol.’ …

Got division?

The current Republican trope on the anniversary of January 6

‘Democrats want to stoke division by recalling the insurrection of January 6.’

This is the response coming from Republican leadership. In a perverse and treacherous way the Republican leadership has a point.

Ok. Consider ‘Message delivered.’

Now what?

A sequel to “187 minutes of intent”

“I think we need to look at not just January 6 but December and November… those months between the election and the certification of the Electoral College results.”

-A.B. Stoddard, MSNBC Contributor, Nicolle Wallace “Deadline White House,” January 2

58 days of subversion:

187 Minutes of Intent

Why are we looking at obstruction when we could be looking at sedition?

Photo courtesy WTOP

Memo to January 6 Anniversary watchers: ‘freedom’ is hostage to a culture of sustained violence.

I have a bone to pick with the DOJ and the Select House Committee ‘Yadda…

Authoritarianism’s Water Carriers

Every social disorder needs them

Above: A Water Carrier, painting by William Henry Hunt, courtesy the Tate Gallery

Consider that a society struggling with authoritarianism has its ‘water carriers,’ those who devote time and energy for removing confidence in restoring lawfulness, the infrastructure of social order. One…

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