Rodney Clough
Oct 13, 2021


10 Reasons Why I Stopped Using “President Trump”

I’ve been using “45”: here’s why

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1 I have impeached him…in my mind;

2 He stole our government;

3 His name should not be in the same breath with the title;

4 Using ‘45’ signals the debacle of his tenure;

5 He’s history;

6 His ‘brand’ is on too many surfaces of America’s landscape already;

7 His name is linked to bankruptcy, for starters;

8 He doesn’t deserve the dignity of presence;

9 Not to confuse him with a family who do not belong near the Oval Office;

10 Lest we forget 4 infamous years, a number is easier to recall;

11 (bonus) May find it on a prison jump suit.

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